“Orxa Mantis Electric bike: Unleashing the Future of Urban Mobility with Electric Innovation”

Title: “Orxa Mantis Electric bike: Unleashing the Future of Urban Mobility with Electric Innovation”

Orxa Mantis Electric bike
Orxa Mantis Electric bike

Introduction: Orxa Mantis – Pioneering Electric Bike Excellence

The Orxa Mantis is not just an electric bike; it’s a symbol of innovation, sustainability, and the future of urban mobility. In this extensive exploration, we dive deep into the core of the Orxa Mantis, uncovering its electric prowess, design ingenuity, and the transformative impact it brings to the world of two-wheeled transportation.

Chapter 1: The Rise of Electric Bikes – A Green Revolution

Chapter 1 sets the stage by providing context to the rise of electric bikes globally. We explore the growing significance of sustainable transportation solutions and how electric bikes are playing a pivotal role in reshaping urban commuting.

Chapter 2: Introducing Orxa Mantis – Redefining the Electric Riding Experience

This chapter introduces the Orxa Mantis, shedding light on its origins, design philosophy, and the overarching vision behind this electric marvel. We delve into the key features that distinguish the Mantis in a rapidly evolving electric bike landscape.

Chapter 3: Electric Propulsion – Powering the Mantis Revolution

Chapter 3 takes a deep dive into the electric propulsion system of the Orxa Mantis. From its cutting-edge motor technology to battery innovations, we explore how Orxa has engineered a bike that not only delivers on performance but also redefines efficiency in electric mobility.

Chapter 4: Design Elegance – Where Form Meets Function

This section focuses on the aesthetic appeal and functional design elements of the Mantis. We explore how Orxa has seamlessly blended form and function, creating an electric bike that turns heads while catering to the practical needs of riders.

Chapter 5: Riding Dynamics – Navigating Urban Terrain with Precision

Chapter 5 delves into the riding dynamics of the Mantis. From its handling on city streets to its responsiveness, we explore how the electric bike has been engineered to offer a dynamic and enjoyable riding experience.

Chapter 6: Smart Connectivity – The Brain Behind the Ride

This chapter explores the smart connectivity features of the Orxa Mantis. From intuitive interfaces to app integration, we dissect how technology is harnessed to enhance the overall riding experience and convenience for users.

Chapter 7: Sustainable Commuting – Reducing Carbon Footprints

Chapter 7 shifts the focus to the sustainability aspect of the Mantis. We discuss how electric bikes contribute to reducing carbon footprints, making them an eco-friendly choice for the environmentally conscious commuter.

Chapter 8: User Testimonials – Real Experiences, Real Impact

This section incorporates real-world testimonials from Orxa Mantis users. We share their experiences, highlighting the bike’s impact on their daily commute, lifestyle, and the overall perception of electric bikes as a viable mode of transportation.

Orxa Mantis Electric bike
Orxa Mantis Electric bike

Chapter 9: Future Prospects – Shaping Tomorrow’s Commute Today

Chapter 9 explores the future prospects of the Orxa Mantis and the broader landscape of electric bikes. We discuss potential advancements, market trends, and how electric bikes are poised to revolutionize urban commuting on a global scale.

Chapter 10: Orxa Mantis Community – A Hub for Enthusiasts

The concluding chapter shines a spotlight on the Orxa Mantis community. We explore how the electric bike has fostered a community of enthusiasts, sharing their passion for electric mobility and contributing to the ongoing evolution of the Mantis.

This comprehensive guide aims to be an insightful resource for electric bike enthusiasts, potential buyers, and anyone intrigued by the Orxa Mantis. By dissecting its features, design elements, and the transformative impact it brings to urban commuting, readers gain a holistic understanding of the Mantis’s role in shaping the future of electric mobility.

About the Orxa Mantis

If you’re looking to buy an electric motorcycle, the Orxa Mantis from Orxa Energies is an option. It is sold in 1 variety. The Mantis is powered by a 20.5 kW electric motor. It produces a maximum torque of 93 Nm. Orxa Mantis weighs 182 kg. The Mantis has a front disc brake and a rear disc brake. You can buy Orxa Mantis in 1 color – Black.

The Arxa Mantis is the first electric bike from Bengaluru-based startup Arxa Energies. This performance electric bike is the second highest range bike in India after the Ultra Violet F77. The claimed IDC (Indian Driving Conditions) range of this bike is 221 km. For more information, see our startup story here.


The standard Mantis with 1.3kW charger is priced at Rs. It is priced at Rs 3,60,000 (ex-showroom Bangalore). Like the UV F77, the Mantis is not eligible for a FAME 2 grant. The booking has started and the first 1,000 customers can get the motorcycle at Rs. 10,000 can be booked after which the booking fee is Rs. 25,000 will be. The first batch of Mantisin will be delivered in April 2024 in Bangalore, with subsequent batches available in July and October 2024. Orxa offers a 3-year/30,000 km warranty on the electric bike, battery and motor.


The Orxa Mantis comes with modern features including twin projector headlights, ride-by-wire, side stand sensor, all LED lights with regenerative braking and a 5-inch TFT instrument console with smartphone connectivity. Phone notifications, ride analytics and turn-by-turn navigation. The bike is available in two colors Jungle Gray and Urban Black.


The Mantis is powered by a liquid-cooled motor that produces 20.5kW of peak power and 93Nm of torque. Claimed to reach a top speed of 135 kmph, the bike can sprint from 0-100 kmph in just 8.9 seconds. The battery capacity is 8.9kWh which gives a range of 221 km in IDC (Indian driving conditions). It takes 5 hours to charge the battery from 0-80 per cent using the standard 1.3kW charger and 2 hours 30 minutes to charge the bike from 0-80 per cent using the fast ‘Blitz’ 3.3kW charger.

Suspension, brakes and other details

The Mantisin features an all-aluminum space-grade alloy frame and subframe (a first in the segment), paired with a 41mm telescopic fork at the front and a front-mount-adjustable monoshock at the rear.

Brakes consist of a 320 mm disc with a four-piston radial caliper at the front and a 230 mm disc with a single-piston floating caliper at the rear; Single-channel ABS is available as standard on the bike. At this price point, the Orxa offers a convertible fork and dual-channel ABS as standard.

The Mantis runs on Seat Zoom radial tires on both wheels. 110/70-R17 section tire at the front and 130/70-R17 section rubber at the rear. The wheelbase is 1,450 mm and the seat height is 815 mm. The bike weighs 182 kg and has a ground clearance of 180 mm.

and their enemies
Monticin’s direct competitor is the ultra-blue-hot F77. If you are looking for a 150cc and less performance electric bike, there are some options like Dark Kratos, Oberon Roar, Revolt RV400 and Mater Era.

Orxa Mantis Electric bike
Orxa Mantis Electric bike

Mantis Specifications

Range 221 km/charge
Motor Power 20.5 kW
Motor Type BLDC
Max Torque 93 Nm
Front Brake Disc
Rear Brake Disc
Body Type Sports Naked Bikes, Electric Bikes


Orxa Mantis Features

ABS Dual Channel
Charging Point Yes
DRLs Yes
Fast Charging Yes
Mobile Connectivity Bluetooth
Navigation Yes
LED Tail Light Yes
Speedometer Digital
Odometer Digital
Tripmeter Digital


What’s Included with Orxa Mantis

Battery Warranty 3 Years or 30,000 Km
Vehicle Warranty 3 Years, 30000 km
Mobile Application Yes

Orxa Mantis App Features

Calls & Messaging Yes
Navigation assist Yes
Low battery alert Yes


Engine and Transmission

Max Torque 93 Nm
Cooling System Liquid Cooled
Motor Power 20.5 kW
Range (Eco Mode) 150 Km/charge
Starting Push Button Start


Clock Digital
Passenger Footrest Yes
Charger Output 1300 W

Features and Safety

Charging Point Yes
Fast Charging Yes
Fast Charging Time 2.5 Hours ( 0-80% )
Internet Connectivity Yes
Operating System Linux based Orxa OS
Mobile Application Yes
Speedometer Digital
Odometer Digital
Tripmeter Digital
Clock Digital
Additional Features Proprietary Orxa Ride-By-Wire, Proprietary Orxa BMS, Linux-based Orxa operating system
Passenger Footrest Yes
Display TFT 5 inch

Mileage and Performance

Acceleration (0-100 Kmph) 8.9s

Chassis and Suspension

Body Type Sports Naked Bikes, Electric Bikes

Dimensions and Capacity

Saddle Height 815 mm
Ground Clearance 180 mm
Wheelbase 1450 mm
Kerb Weight 182 kg


Headlight LED
Tail Light LED
Turn Signal Lamp LED
DRLs Yes
Projector Headlights Yes
LED Tail Lights Yes
Low Battery Indicator Yes

Tyres and Brakes

Front Brake Diameter 320 mm
Rear Brake Diameter 230 mm


0-100 Kmph (sec) 8.9s
Top Speed 135 km/Hr

Motor & Battery

Motor Type BLDC
Drive Type Belt Drive
Battery Type Li-ion
Battery Warranty 3 Years or 30,000 Km
Motor Warranty 3 Years, 30000 km
Transmission Automatic


Claimed Range 221 km/charge


Charging Time(0-80%) 5 Hours


Suspension Front 41 mm telescopic forks
Suspension Rear Hydraulic mono-shock with adjustable preload
Brakes Front Disc
Brakes Rear Disc
ABS Dual Channel
Tyre Size Front :-110/70-R17, Rear :- 130/70-R17
Wheel Size Front :-431.8 mm,Rear :-431.8 mm
Wheels Type Alloy
Frame All-aluminium aerospace-grade alloy frame and subframe
Tubeless Tyre Tubeless

What’s Included

Battery Warranty 3 Years or 30,000 Km
Vehicle Warranty 3 Years, 30000 km
Mobile Application Yes

App Features

Calls & Messaging Yes
Navigation assist Yes
Low battery alert Yes

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