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Every Day Sonthing or The Other Goes Viral On Socila Media.Today AVideo of Jailer William Varman is Going Viral In Which his dance steps for song Tal se Tal Mila Composed by AR Rahman Are Becoming quite Viral. 

Jailer (2023) Movie Details

Movie Name Jailer (2023)
Starring Rajinikanth, Tamanna Bhatia, Mohanlal, Jackie Shroff, Shiva Rajkumar, Sunil, Ramya Krishnan
Released Date 10 August 2023
Directed by Nelson
Written by Nelson
Produced by Kalanithi Maran
Genre Action, Drama
Music by Anirudh Ravichander
Production Companies Sun Pictures
Language Tamil, Telugu, Hindi
Running time 2 Hours 48 Minutes
Budget ₹200 crore

Jailer Movie Release Date

Rajinikanth’s ‘Jailer’ film is set to release on August 10, 2023. South star Rajinikanth is seen in full action in this film. There is a lot of enthusiasm in the audience about Rajinikanth’s film Jailer. Along with this, Rajinikanth is also being discussed everywhere on social media. Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff is also going to be seen in this film along with Rajinikanth. The film Jailer is directed by Nelson Dilipkukar who is famous for directing South Indian films.

Jailer Movie Cast

There is more than one great actor in Rajinikanth’s film “Jailer”. In this film, along with megastar Rajinikanth, you will also see Jackie Shroff, Ramya Krishnan, Tamannaah Bhatia and Vinayakan. Following is the list of the cast of this movie.

  • Rajinikanth
  • Tamanna Bhatia
  • Jackie Shroff
  • Shiva Rajkumar
  • Ramya Krishnan
  • Vinayak
  • Mohan Lal

Jailer Movie Storyline

Rajinikanth is playing the role of Muthuvel Pandian in the film, the story of the film revolves around the jailer of the jail and Rajinikanth is the strict warden of the jail. The film is about a prison where Rajinikanth plays a prison warden, and how he gets into a huge fight when a group of people tries to break into the prison while trying to free their gang leader. Rajinikanth will compete with him in the film. And in the film Jailer, we can once again see Rajinikanth in swag mode.

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